Global Sources Direct welcomes Muku to join our list of suppliers

Posted by Ben Wong on

I bought for Christmas, you should too!
5 Stars
This is such a great device, so simple to connect and so functional in it's design and purpose. As these have been hard to come by after their roll-out, I've purchased one of each color (black and white) and plan for them to be the first thing opened on Christmas morning. I am TIRED of having, year after year, a phone full of pics of only my wife and two kids. This gives me the chance to set the phone up using the stand and get myself in some pics for once!

By Arthur on November 19, 2013


Versatile device that can be more than a remote shutter release! 
5 Stars
I purchased this through the Kickstarter campaign, but for a different reason than its intended use. I use it with my Nexus 7 as a remote page-turning device along with the Cool Reader app. Now I can sit back and relax with my Nexus sitting on the desk or table in front of me and my hands comfortably in my hoodie's pocket while changing the page every 30 seconds or so. Works awesome, although I had to tweak it to make it work. When I had the OS switch selected to Android, it refused to work properly. After contacting Muku Labs about it, they told me to try moving the OS switch to iOS. Voila! Success! Love it, love it, love it!
By 911jason on November 6, 2013



Christmas Gifts!
5 Stars
Just ordered 4 of these for Christmas gifts! I can't wait to give these to my techie kids. Love the fact this works with the native camera app on phone!
BTW...emailed a couple of questions to customer service and received immediate email back. This does work with video as well and also has a small key stand for phone to use for holding phone!
By Sue on December 18, 2013



5 Stars
Weird name, AWESOME product. If you take pictures with your phone, then get this. You can prop your phone, or use a tripod, and use the remote shutter to snap the photo without shaking the phone with your hands. I have essential tremors, which makes for bad phone pictures, so I needed this for my upcoming vacation where I plan on taking a lot of pictures.
Plus, you can be in the picture from more than an arm's length away (selfies). The remote is a little smaller than I envisioned it would be, which is great. It took me all of about 30 seconds to pair it with my iPhone 5S. Worked immediately after pairing the 1st time. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about a remote shutter release. It came with a little kickstand that mounts in the headphone jack on your phone, and a little black pouch with a drawstring.
By S. Regul on January 28, 2014



great bluetooth camera trigger
5 Stars
Been looking for something like this for a while. Great find! LOVE the idea of a blue toothed remote without wires. Will definatly be using this product a lot. The only thing I dislike was the fact that a sticker was placed on the back to show on/off, droid/iphone selection. Once the sticker is gone then what.... would have been nice to actually have this printed on the device.
By Keysia on February 7, 2014



Absolutely in Love!!
5 Stars
I was skeptical about this when I bought but I just received it and can't put it down! I love it!!! It was super easy to use and light as a feather. It will be most helpful on my vacation. It was so easy to use i didn't need to read the directions, just switched it on, then on apple mode and it was ready to go! Don't forget to tun on bluetooth on your device.
By zee on March 4, 2014



Great product and Customer Service from Muku Labs
5 Stars
The product works just as described. I purchased this item as a gift for my girlfriend, who takes self portraits of her yoga practice. The original item never arrived and Muku was grateful enough to send out a new Muku Shutter!
By A. Serrano on March 4, 2014

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