Impossibly thin and light Power Bank by Emie

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5 out of 5 Stars
February 22, 2015

By PhotoGraphics (Southwest U.S.) - Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Impossibly thin and light

Every so often a product comes along that makes even those of us who live, eat and breathe technology stop, pause and say "wow". The EMIE Power Blade is such a product, Tech Toy Playground's choice for the most innovative product of 2015 so far.

This is not just a "me too" external battery, and I have more of those than I can count. On every count and score the Power Blade wins the contest for design, presentation and performance.
Impossibly thin and light (think iPad Mini for comparison), the Power Blade comes to the customer dressed to kill. From the dense chipboard outer slip case, to the book-binding like inner case complete with a cloth "bookmark" to remove it from the slipcover the Power Blade bespeaks quality and pride of design and manufacturer.

Opening the book/box reveals a felt and engineered leather carry bag that comes straight out of Rodeo Drive. The carry bag is attached to the case using fastening snaps for easy removal. Ensconced in the spine of the book is a high quality flat USB-to-Lightning adapter cable that is Apple Certified. Opening the leather flap reveals a paper tab, teasing the owner to pull the Power Blade from the carry bag. But wait! The battery is cradled in a comprehensive instruction manual (more detailed that what came with my $2000 digital camera). Yet another layer of sealed plastic to protect from dust and contamination is wrapped around the battery itself.

And that is where you are introduced to true genius of design. The Power Blade is only 5.2 mm thin and weighs in at 10.6 oz (I weighed it). It is engineered of a coated textured metal magnesium alloy that would make it almost impossible to slip from one's hand. There are a series of holes along one edge that you quickly realize is intended to fit into a standard 6-ring daily planner (brilliant!). Along one thin edge are the power status lights and two USB ports, one dedicated to Apple devices and the other meant to power just about everything else. But wait, the Power Blade itself is too thin to contain full-size USB ports, right? Well, yes right. So the designer came up with something I have never seen before ... flip-out ports. Just flick a little shiny metal tab and the ports convert from slimline to full-size.

And how does it perform? At 8000mAh it ranks as one of the more powerful external batteries available, enough to keep your smartphone and tablet charged well beyond the 5:00 bell and into the wee hours of the morning, and most likely well into the next day. There is power to spare.

Please watch our video to see close-ups of the Power Blade, the Amazon page absolutely does not do it justice. All things considered, and even more so when you take into the account the reasonable selling price, this is something that is not only supremely practical but will be a head-turner wherever you go.

While I evaluated a production-run model just as sold at Amazon, mine was source directly from the factory to test and evaluate for several sites. All excitement and enthusiasm for the Power Blade is strictly my own. This is a hands-down winner in every category and is highly recommended.

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