Emie Power Blade 8,000mAh Battery Bank, Thinnest External Power Bank

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5 out of 5 Stars
February 14, 2015

By JWink - Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Cool power bank but pricey and short warranty

This review is for the Emie Power Blade 8000mAh Power Bank (blue).

This power bank includes an USB to micro charging cable (approximately 20 inches in length), a felt case holder, a binder for the power blade, and the instructions.

This power bank (8.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide and approximately 1/8 of an inch thick) is one of the coolest I have seen in a while and definitely the thinnest power bank I have come across. This power bank has two charging ports (which have metal covers that slide back for use), one specifically for IOS devices and the other for everything else. Although I am not crazy about power banks and chargers that have specific ports for specific devices, this power bank makes up for that in coolness factor. Both ports can be utilized at the same time for charging though. I charged my Galaxy S4, my tablet, and Bluetooth headphones with no issues. My Blackberry phone also charged but only in the non-IOS port, which is expected since the Blackberry is particular about charging devices. The front of the blade has 4 green LEDs, indicating the level of charge left in the power bank, along with the power button and the micro charging port. The power bank automatically starts charging with a device plugged into it and automatically shuts off after a few seconds. Charging of the power blade takes a couple hours and the LEDS indicating charging level while charging. This power bank has a nice soft felt cushion and protective binder for taking with you on the road or you can put in your own binder as the power bank has holes in it for putting in your own binder/planner as it is very lightweight, thin and very sturdy making it easy to take with you. I wish the felt case had matching holes so that you can keep the protective case on if you plan to put in your own binder. The power blade also has an adaptive output function that is supposed to optimize charging for the type of device you are charging. It has to be set manually and I am not sure if I can tell much of a benefit and I personally would prefer smart charging built in automatically for both ports. I like this power blade but I do think this power bank is a bit expensive (currently at 80 bucks) especially considering this only has a six month warranty.

Overall, this power blade although not perfect has the coolness factor going for it although it is a bit expensive and has a short warranty.

4 stars

I was provided a sample for review and I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon.

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