Emie POWERBLADE is Perfect for Your Binder or Organizer

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February 18, 2015

By Dr D "Amazon Reviewer Since the 1990's" (USA) - Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Impressive 8,000 mAh Ultra-Thin (5.2mm) Emie POWERBLADE is Perfect for Your Binder or Organizer

I'm impressed with this Emie Energy Ultra-thin 8000mAh energy blade. The magnesium alloy body is an amazing 0.2 inch (5.2mm) thin, 5 5/8 inches wide and 8 3/8 inches long. It weighs 10.5 ounces. It has generic folder ring holes that are compatible with every binder, organizer, or portfolio.

When the binder holes are to your right, you can read in English the following features of this ultra-thin energy blade from left to right in the following order for the bottom edge of the POWERBLADE:
USB for general devices, galaxy, IOS devices
four power level LED indicators from min to max
power button
USB port for IOS devices

This Emie energy blade arrives fully charged ready to charge your devices. The retail packaging is super protective and much better than I expected.

In order for this energy blade to be this ultra-thin, the two USB ports collapse into themselves and need to be pulled toward you in order for it to widen to normal usage size. When not in use, simply press it back to the compact size until it clicks into place. These novelty motion USB ports are called flexible USB and won the 2013 Germany Reddot design award.

The instructions give the following Adaptive Output function instructions:
"To achieve the best charging performance, POWERBLADE can adaptively optimize the charging for IO devices and Samsung Galaxy devices. USB1 is used for IOS devices separately. USB2 is used for general devices, such as Samsung Galaxy, Android devices, and other general digital gadgets.
1. Push and slide out the USB port
2. Insert the USB charging cable to the opened USB port of the POWERBLADE.
3. Connect the USB charging cable to your mobile devices.
4. Press the power button to start charging.
Warm Notice
When charging with the USB2 port, press the power button to show the current battery status. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds will switch POWERBLADE to adaptive charging mode."

The LED power level indicator lights are green and blink or are solid to indicate power status.

The packaging states a limited 6 month warranty.

I am impressed with this Emie POWERBLADE. It consistently and reliably charges well and charges my devices well. It holds charge well also. It is 8,000 mAh!!! It is attractive, strong, durable, and extremely convenient for those who carry a binder, portfolio, or organizer. I'm very pleased with this Emie POWERBLADE.

We received this item for evaluation and hope that you find our review helpful to you in making the right buying decision for you.
- Dr D “Amazon reviewer since the 1990's”

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