Golf 8,000mAh, nice LCD feature on this power bank

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4.5 out of 5 Stars
February 14, 2015

By JWink - Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Nice LCD feature on this power bank. 4 and a half stars

This review is for the Golf 8000mAh Power Bank with LCD display (Blue).

This power bank includes an USB to micro charging cable (approximately 10 inches in length) and the instructions. The instructions are very basic and have no specific instructions for the operation of the power switch or the LCD display. The instructions are very generic and are the same as a different type of Golf power bank that I received.

The power bank comes with two charging ports that are marked "out 1" and "out 2" which I assume means out 1A and out 2A. The only way I found out for sure was to plug in a charging cable with a device you want to charge and activate the LCD screen which tells you which port is activated. The ports could be a little more clearly marked with just the addition of an "A" to the "out 1" and "out 2". The markings of the ports also blend in to the blue part of the case and are hard to see. The instructions do not indicate this (in fact the instructions indicate very little) but you can charge two devices at one time, such as a tablet and smart phone together. I charged several different devices on this with no issues on any, including my Galaxy S4, a tablet, and several other Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth headphones with no issues. I also charged my old Blackberry phone (which some power banks can't handle) with no problems. I really like the LCD screen which when activated shows the battery percentage level of the power bank and which charging port is active. The status screen is turned on by hitting the power button on the side of the power bank. You can press the button a second time to activate the light on the front of the device. You press it again to turn the light off, but the power button does not turn the LCD display off or the device off though (even after holding it for several seconds). The power bank does automatically shut off after a few seconds but I do wish the power switch would turn off as well as on. Charging the power bank takes a couple hours but can charge a phone a few times before needing a recharge. The particular charger is a combination white and blue plastic (other colors such as grey, orange and green are also available) that is compact and lightweight and has a nice look and appears well made.

Overall, this is a nice power bank that has a really cool LCD display that shows an exact percentage of the battery life. There are some minor annoyances such as poor quality generic instructions that aren't tailored to this particular power bank, the ports could be marked a bit clearer, and a power switch that doesn't power off the device.

4 and a half stars

I was provided a sample for review and I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon.

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