Golf 8,000mAh Portable charger, compact and lightweight

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5 out of 5 Stars
February 18, 2015

By VoiceOver Guy - Top 100 Reviewer

8,000 mAh Dual-USB PowerBank, Compact and Lightweight, with LCD % Display, by GOLF

This is a simple, easy to use 8,000 mAh power bank by GOLF.
It has all the features that have become standard on a portable power bank:

1. Dual USB ports. One is 2.1A for iPad, one is 1.0A for iPhone and most other devices. And yes, you can use both ports at the same time.

2. An LED flashlight throws off sufficient light for indoor use such as navigating around a hotel room in the dark, or finding the under-seat power outlet in a darkened aircraft cabin.

3. This recharges with a standard micro-USB charging cable (included). Not included is the USB wall charger module, which you'll need to supply yourself.
I like that all the ports are on one end of the unit.

4. Rectangular plastic case has flat bottom so it can be used (and stored) upright. Available in 4 choices of trim color.

5. Compact and lightweight. A little bigger and thicker than my iPhone 5. Compact enough to fit comfortably into a man's front jeans pocket. Will fit easily into a large purse, messenger bag, daypack, airline carryon bag, etc.

6. One nice (and distinguishing) feature is the LCD screen, which shows the exact % charge of the unit. A very handy feature, and much more accurate than trying to guesstimate with 4 or 5 blinking LED lights. Not yet a common feature in power banks this size.

Summary: Looks good, build quality seems fine, everything works. This has worked with all my various USB charging cables, and also with my Apple iPhone and iPad. Sample sent for testing and impartial review. 8,000 mAh is a respectable amount of charge to walk around with, and this case is light and compact enough to carry easily.

Mine came in a rectangular retail display box, suitable for gift wrapping.

I hope this review is helpful as you comparison shop power banks online. GOLF makes a number of power banks at various capacity levels, you can see them all by clicking the Seller link at the top of this page.
Happy travels, everybody.

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