Customer Support

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1.) Where are these products shipped from?

All products are shipped from Hong Kong or your local fulfillment center, depending on the product(s) you select.


2.) Are products from Global Sources Direct export-ready?

Yes. All of our products has been pre-certified with our Global Sources Product Certification and adhere to your country's import laws. 


3.) What type of company is GSD?  Is it a wholesaler or importer?

GSD is a service provider.  We have created an online channel for suppliers to sell their products to buyers around the world our own website as well as on Amazon, with plans to expand to other online marketplaces in the future.


4.) Do buyers pay GSD a fee for purchasing products on its website?

No, buyers do not pay GSD a service fee for purchasing products on the GSD website.


5.) What is the lead-time for an order?

Based on incoming orders and inventory levels, our suppliers typically have your order ready to ship within three working days after receiving your payment.


6.) How is payment settled?

Buyers may settle payment via PayPal or credit card.  For larger transactions, GSD may require payment via telegraphic transfer.


7.) How can I trust the quality of these products?

Both products and packaging are inspected prior to shipment. We’ve also prequalified suppliers on your behalf.


8.) How are the products delivered to me?  How long does it take for delivery?

Currently, products are delivered via air courier.  Depending on your location, you may receive the goods as quickly as three days after you make payment. 


9.) Do the products include a warranty?

Products will come with a one-year warranty provided by our suppliers.


10.) Does GSD offer “dropship” service?

Yes. A portion of our products are administered for dropshipping.


11.) Do the product prices include import duties and/or VAT?

The price listed for each product does not include potential import duties and/or VAT required by some countries.  It is the buyer's responsibility to pay any import duties and/or VAT directly to his/her government when the goods enter the country.


12.) What currency are the products priced in?

All products are currently priced in US dollar.


13.) I haven’t received my products yet, what do I do?

All products delivered will come with a tracking code to give consumers visibility on their packages. To offer further assistance however, feel free to contact our Customer Service.