As a leading B2B enterprise offering a platform to facilitate the distribution of suppliers’ products, Global Sources wishes to establish policies that would protect the interests of suppliers, while at the same time allowing resellers to earn margins required to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Accordingly, Global Sources is adopting the following MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (“MAP Policy”):

  1. All resellers are expected to comply with this MAP Policy.
  2. Each product will have a minimum advertised retail price (“Minimum Advertised Price” or “MAP”) that can be found in its respective listing.
  3. Each product purchased must not be advertised, listed, offered or sold by any reseller at any price or value that is lower than its applicable MAP.
  4. Bundling the product price with other services (such as delivery, gift wrapping, packaging etc.), in such a manner as to match or be more favourable than the applicable MAP, will be viewed as an abuse or violation of this MAP Policy.
  5. Global Sources reserves the right of sole and final determination as to whether any abuse or violation of this MAP Policy by any reseller has occurred or in respect of any other matter under, arising from or relating to this MAP Policy.
  6. In the event any reseller is found or determined by Global Sources (in its sole opinion) to have abused or violated this MAP Policy, Global Sources shall be entitled to protect and enforce any and all rights and remedies it may have against such reseller, and to refuse (in its sole and absolute discretion) to conduct or to continue doing any business with such reseller.
  7. Global Sources may amend this MAP Policy at any time, by posting the latest updated version thereof in this site.