Waterproof mini GPS tracker with small size and lightweight SOS emergency call


  • $29.90 USD

Key Features

1.GPS+LBS dual positioning
Device supports both GPS and LBS dual positioning, GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning and LBS is manly for indoor position.

  1. Geofence:
    After the Geofence is setup, you will get alert notice when the kids are out of the range of the setup circle, which will secure the kids’ safety and keep you a peace of mind.

3.SOS call
With SOS button and two way voice function, the kids or seniors can press the SOS button for help and talk with the host when they are in emergency. 

4.Historical route
The device will keep a record of the historical route for three months, user can check the records on smartphone


Product Specifications
Structure Parts

  1. Button: one button(power button and SOS button)
  2. GPS antenna: built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
  3. GSM antenna: FPC
  4. Battery: 450mAh
  5. SIM card slot: One slot
  6. G-sensor: Supported
  7. I/O port : USB port
  8. Waterproof level: IP54

Hardware parts

  1. Chipset: MTK MT6261
  2. GPS chip: MTK3337
  3. GPRS: class 12
  4. GPS: signals L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
  5. GPS channels : 20 channels
  6. GPS chip receiving sensitivity:
  7. Tracking sensitivity-159dBm,
  8. acquisition sensitivity: -143dBm
  9. GPS Positioning accuracy: 5-15m
  10. Accuracy base station location: 100-1000M
  11. Minimum standby current: <0.5mA
  12. Average standby current: <2.5mA
  13. Average working current: <55mA
  14. Temperature: -20 to 70℃
  15. Humidity : 5% to 95% no condensation
  16. Certifications: can pass national CTA、3C and CE
  17. GPS antenna: Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
  18. GSM antenna : Built-in four frequency PIFA antenna
  19. Bluetooth: Supported
  20. G-sensor: Compatible
  21. Speaker: 1208
  22. MIC: Supported

Software parts:

  1. Supported system: Android 2.3 and above, iOS 5.0 and above
  2. Familiarity number: support familiarity number automatic answering, one-way conversation
  3. Language support : 13 different languages
  4. GSM + GPRS + GPS: GPS + LBS dual mode
  5. AGPS: Supported, positioning after 26 seconds cool start
  6. Call function: interference-free mode, Familiarity
  7. Number force feed, monitoring ambient
  8. Battery management: ultra-low power consumption of power
  9. management, smart stay

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